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…to all speakers, attendees, sponsors and exhibitors for joining us at the 2017 Annual Midwest Regional Conference. Most importantly, thank you to the University of Michigan and all the staff, faculty, and student volunteers who helped make this year’s conference so outstanding. Congratulations to our conference coordinators, Alex Alejos and Mike Hipp on organizing this great event. If you have any feedback on the conference or speakers, please feel free to share it here ( so we can continue to make improvements for future events. Lastly, please share you conference pictures by emailing them to with a short caption and names. Thanks again!

Register Today!

If you enjoyed the Midwest Regional Conference this year, then you’re sure to love the Annual LMSA National Conference on April 7-9th, 2017 in Hempstead, NY. Visit the LMSA National website to register today. We hope to see you there!

Reminder: Update Your Chapter’s Contact Information

As your LMSA chapter transitions leadership, make sure to keep your chapter’s delegate information up to date by emailing our Chief Development Officer at . Click here to see who is listed as the current chapter delegate.

Membership Registration

As decided at the LMSA Midwest Conference 2016, LMSA MW has moved to the LMSA National membership registration framework. What does this mean? NO MORE CHAPTER DUES paid to LMSA MW. Instead individual member dues will be paid to LMSA National to follow suit with the rest of the regions, and for LMSA MW to be better incorporated into the national organization. Check out the Membership Page for full details!

Spring 2016 Newsletter

Check it out here: LMSAMW Spring Newsletter 2016

In the latest issue of the LMSA MW Newsletter:

  • Highlights from the LMSA MW Regional Conference and Research Symposium
  • Leadership Transitions
  • Health Policy-Single Payer
  • LMSA Policy Summit 2016
  • NHMA Conference
  • Salsa Night hosted by Hispanocare
  • and so much more…

Send In Your LMSA Photos

We want to display your photos from LMSA local and regional LMSA events. Send photos with descriptions to .

Mentor a Pre-Med: Personal Statement Clinic

Medical Students, sign up today to participate in our new Online Personal Statement Clinic to increase our mentorship efforts. Use this form to sign up. This will be a low-time commitment mentorship opportunity that will involve being matched to a pre-med near you to provide feedback on his/her personal statement. We also need your help to add to our Pre-Med Database. Please use this quick form to add contacts from your school that will help us connect to more pre-med students in your area. Contact our Mentorship Chair, Jorge Zarate ( with any questions about the clinic or database. See our Mentorship Page for full details.

New Scholarship and Leadership Opportunities

The National Medical Fellowships (NMF), a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing the number of underrepresented minority physicians and other healthcare professionals, offers several scholarship and leadership programs. Two such programs include:

Check out the NMF Website for more information about these two programs and others.

LMSA Midwest Partnership with Canopy Apps

LMSA Midwest is pleased to announce an exciting partnership with Canopy Apps. This partnership provides LMSA members with unique benefits to Canopy Apps products including a more than $250 discount of their online medical Spanish course! When you purchase Canopy, you are not only improving your skill set to serve your patients, but you are also investing in LMSA Midwest as 10% of the proceeds come back to us. For more information, please visit: Members also have exclusive free access to the new Canopy Medical Translator app for iOS (Android coming soon!) through LMSA. The app enables instant communication with patients in Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Korean, and more. To get the app, click here or search for “canopy” on the App Store and use access code “LMSAvip” after you download. To learn more about our partnership with Canopy Apps, click here.

 Thank you!