Support Hyatt Hotel Housekeepers

LMSA Midwest Supports Hyatt Hotel Housekeepers!

Hotel housekeepers suffer abuse. Their injury rates are high and their workloads are dangerous. Hyatt has an egregious record of OSHA safety violations, and their subcontractors exploit some of the most vulnerable members of the population. That is why healthcare providers are boycotting Hyatt, and in so doing, we uphold the values of our profession as healers.

In supporting Hyatt workers, we know that members of our profession can make a difference because medical meetings and conferences are the single largest sector in the convention and hospitality industry.

We encourage members of LMSA Midwest to NOT EAT, SLEEP OR MEET AT HYATTHOTELS. We will not book any new events at Hyatt Hotels until workers win safe and sustainable working conditions.

We publicly endorse the Hyatt boycott and we call on our colleagues and the many associations of the medical community to join us in supporting these women in their struggle.

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