University of IL Chapter – MED Day

Responses from Pre-Medical students:

Kristina Ciaglia – UIUC Undergrad
I LOVED Med Day, it was a great experience and I learned SO MUCH more that I even expected.

Med Day should be an annual event because it opens so many students eyes and really shows them the REAL side of medical school. Instead of being scared off by the schools advisors I was amazed and inspired by the medical students. It would be so helpful if other students got to experience this for themselves. A lot of my questions were answered, and I wasn’t intimidated by the staff whatsoever.

The cadaver was awesome! I never saw such a thing and it was so interesting. I was so glad that we were able to just see the cadaver a lone, but when the medical student demonstrated and showed us different areas it was a HUGE motivator. This was very iportant to me because it let me know that someday I would be able to do that stuff and now I know I will be able to handle the situation.

I have been to other open houses/ Med Days before and this total blew them away. I am amazed at what I saw and learned and I hope that this day continues because it was very beneficial. I would love to attend next year.

Nikki Im – UIUC Undergrad
I learned so much about the application process and about what it’s like to be a medical student (that they actually do/can have a life).

I think making this an annual event would HIGHLY benefit any future pre-med student.

Before I went in I was worried that I might faint or throw up, but I surprisingly wasn’t grossed out at all. I actually thought it was really cool! (I almost cried when I got to hold the heart) I really want to be able to study cadavers more. Not only so, but this experience really motivated me to pursue medicine even more.

Thanks so much for organizing this. I can’t explain in words how helpful it was!

Tyler Holsapple – UIUC Undergrad
I really enjoyed med day, especially the anatomy lab, but also the fact that we were split into smaller groups for the medical student panels. It was very helpful.

I think Med Day should be an annual event to help new students or students who are thinking of switching to premed.

The cadaver lab was awesome!

Ademola Adegbenro – UIUC Undergrad
“I loved Med Day! It alleviated most of the stresses that I had
about admission into med school. I would love this to be an annual event because Med Day helps dissipate some rumours that most Pre-med students have before they apply for medical school. And it was very fun.

I very much liked the Cadaver Lab…. It was very surprising to know the textures of various internal organs.”

Nicole Raucci – UIUC Undergrad
This was an very informative event. I recommend it to any student interested in applying to medical school, or anyone who simply wishes to hear more about medical school if they are still considering their future goals and plans.

I think it is an excellent opportunity for students to have their questions answered by people who have been through the medical school admissions process and are successfully studying in medical school or have completed medical school.

I enjoyed the Cadaver Lab experience. Today was the first time I was able to see a human cadaver and have the opportunity to locate body parts, hold a real hear and lung, and become more informed about what is expected of students in medical school anatomy courses and laboratory components.

Thank you again for a wonderful experience!

Elizabeth Akanbi – UIUC Undergrad
I thought that MED Day was very interesting and very helpful…. it would be good if this is an annual event because it gives students the opportunity to know what to expect in medical school, the application process of medical school, and the M1 students give helpful tips/advice about medical school.

The cadaver lab inspired me alot. It made me to look forward to know more about the body/do hands on…. I thought that the whole program was great.

Guadalupe Garcia – UIUC Undergrad

I for one did enjoy Med day, i think it is a great way for people to get exposure to the setting that you could be in a couple of years if you decide to go to medical school. It is defenently a great way to get many answers to questions you cant find on the internet. You also get a more personal view from the med students on how their medical school experience is going, so you can imagine the things you should picture going through. So yes i do think it should be an annual event.

I did enjoy the cadaver lab. I have been exposed to cadavers before and i think it is a very important activity for a pre-med student to experience at least once. It just shows you what you will be dealing with in school and the real world. when i first saw one i just felt so comfortable that i knew it felt right to be in the medical field. So it did inspire me in previous times.

Jason Han – UIUC Undergrad

I thought Med day was excellent. Coming into the even I did not know very much about the process of applying to medical school. It was also very helpful because as a freshman I now know more about what I can/should be doing to prepare for that process.

The cadaver lab was very interesting and I believe it also was helpful. I believe it could be useful in giving everyone sort of a peek at what is to come and possibly help people decide sooner whether or not medical school is right for them.

Overall I really enjoyed it and would like to see it happen next year. Thank you for everything.

Jeff Grzybowski – UIUC Undergrad

I thought it was a great opportunity to hear from several Medical school students who ended up in the same place but each got there their own way. It’s great to hear advice from people who just went through the application process instead of just the perspective of admissions office personnel or doctors several years removed from med school. I will be applying to med schools in the coming summer and it was beneficial to get a tour of the facilities here and get an idea of what an average day is like.

I think it would be a great annual event. I am not certain that I would necessarily attend more than one time, but it seemed beneficial to hear. Holding it every year would give students with conflicts one year a chance to go the next.