LMSA Midwest Executive Officers 2016-2017

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Check out the Midwest LMSA Executive Board Organization Document for more information on the Board’s organization and the job descriptions of each board member.

Valeria Valbuena Co-Director, University of Illinois at Chicago 

Valeria 2016

Grace Keeney Co-Director, University of Michigan 


Bill Mallett Chief Financial Officer, University of Michigan 

Bill Mallett Med School Appl Photo 2x2

Jessica Ocampo Chief Development Officer, Loyola University Chicago 

Jessica 2016

Manuel Davila-Molina Chief Information Officer, University of Illinois – Peoria 


Jorge Zarate Mentorship Chair, Washington University in St. Louis 

Jorge Zarate

Nathaniel Quinn Community Affairs Chair, University of Illinois – Rockford 

Nathaniel 2016

Salvador Fernandez Health Policy & Academic Affairs 

Kevin Lindsay-Rivera Public Relations Chair, University of Chicago 

Alex Alejos Regional Conference Co-Coordinator, University of Michigan 


Michael Hipp Regional Conference Co-Coordinator, University of Michigan 

Samantha Espinosa Webmaster, University of Chicago