Latino Medical Student Association Northeast, PO Box 749, Hanover, NH 03755

E-board Position Descriptions


Co-Directors Elect (2)

  • Two year position
  • Functions as Co-VP of the organization during the 1st year and as Co-Director the 2nd year
  • Supervises LMSA-NE affairs, including but not limited to the Annual Conference, Executive Meetings (regional and national), Summer Fiesta, Leadership Colloquium, LMSA retreat, and House of Delegates Meeting.

Chief Information Officer (1)

  • 1 year position
  • Record attendance and minutes at all board meetings and other LMSA-sponsored events when appropriate
  • Manage LMSA archives & the LMSA-member listserv.
  • Good organizational skills necessary!

Chief Financial Officer (1)

  • Two year position
  • Attend regional board meetings (monthly), events
  • Develop, manage annual regional budget
  • Process expense reimbursements
  • Liaise with LMSA National CFO for regional funds
  • File taxes, forms to maintain non-profit status

Chief Development Officer (1)

  • 1 year position
  • Attend monthly council meetings and national membership meetings.
  • Serve as a contact person for new and current chapters.
  • Provide communication between the Council and LMSA-NE membership.

Public Relations Chair (1)

  • 1 year position
  • Manage all NE-LMSA media platforms (official website, FB public page, regional and chapter FB group pages, Instagram, Twitter, Thunderclap, and official logo).
  • Responsible for managing conference registration and registration for other LMSA-sponsored events, using ¬†SplashThat.
  • Expected to attend monthly board meetings and LMSA sponsored events.

Conference Chairs (2)

  • 1 year position
  • Coordinate conference logistics with the support of the board:
    • Conference facilities
    • Conference events
    • Recruitment of conference speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors
    • Advertisement, networking event, etc

Fundraising Chair (1)

  • One year Position
  • National and the Regions would like each regions to expand their fundraising efforts. The CFO position currently does not have the capacity to fulfill both.
  • One year elected position on the executive council of all LMSA regions
  • Overview of responsibilities: sit on national fundraising committee, identify and apply to grants, maintain a grant database, work closely with CFO

Policy Chair (1)

  • One year position
  • Serve as the liaison between LMSA-NE and the LMSA-National Policy Committee.
  • Attend all LMSA Policy meetings and oversee LMSA Resolution process at the regional level.
  • Expected to attend monthly board meetings and LMSA sponsored events.

Mentorship Chair (1)

  • One year position
  • Will provide academic and social support to pre-health students at a regional level and commit to the recruitment of Latinos into the health field.
  • Will collaborate with Mentorship Chairs from other 4 LMSA regions