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4th Annual LMSA Policy Summit: 

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Final Resolution Flyer 

2017 LMSA National Conference in New York 

The LMSA Policy Committee brought policy related programming to this year’s LMSA National Conference. The first workshop, ¡Mi voz cuenta! Getting involved in policy as an advocate for Latino issues, was led by Dr. Sola and student leaders. The panel session, An Uphill Battle: Expanding Quality Health Care to Latinos in the U.S. was comprised of Carlos Cuevas, Senior Policy Advisor to the NYS Medicaid Director, Max Hadler, Senior Health Advocacy Manager, NYIC and the chief staffer of Michaelle Solages, New York State Assemblywoman. Both sessions were well attended and a success. 

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The LMSA Fundraising Campaign:

In response to recent developments in the U.S. Federal elections, the LMSA Immigration Caucus has created a fundraising campaign to assist Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. To donate to the LMSA Legal Aid fund for our DACA-Eligible students, please click here.

LMSA 2016 Policy Summit was a success!

On October 2016, LMSA celebrated its first, stand alone Policy Summit. Held at the AAMC Learning center, the 2016 LMSA Policy Summit hosted an array of advocacy events, presentations from advocacy leaders and the LMSA Congress of Delegates.  Over 130 students attended to rally on the steps of Capitol Hill, visit legislative representatives and listen to lectures from representatives of the CDC, AAMC and EPA, as well as other academic and policy professionals. The LMSA Congress of Delegates reviewed and debated 17 resolutions on topics including immigration, access to health care and health care reform, policy brutality, and LGBTQ health. The full parliamentary summary can be found here, and our conference agenda can be downloaded.

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Public Statement of Solidarity: Immigration

Since the election results were announced on November 9th, there has been an understandable amount of fear and unrest permeating through the Latino community. Despite this, the Latino Medical Student Association Immigration Caucus stands resolute in a commitment to supporting immigrant populations within the medical community.

We would like to officially recognize the struggles being realized by the 65+ Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) medical students currently enrolled throughout the U.S., and we would like to reassure you that we see you, we know you are here, and we will fight for you. We consider you an irreplaceable part of our country and the fabric of our medical community and so shall it remain for as long as you wish to be a part of it.

While we wait for more information to be released as to the fate of DACA, we encourage you to seek out support in all places you can find it. In order to facilitate this process, we have included a list of organizations on our website who are advocating on your behalf. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our board with questions or as a source of support. We are with you. Juntos somos fuertes.

  • LMSA Policy Committee

          Tania Marin Saquicela, LMSA Vice-President and Chair of Policy | E-mail:

          Orlando Sola MD, MPH, LMSA Physician Policy Advisor | E-mail:

  • LMSA Immigration Caucus

          Jacob Begres, LMSA Immigration Caucus Chair | E-mail: