Policy Certificate

The LMSA Policy Certificate is awarded to LMSA members who participated in the LMSA policy development process.  The requirements are listed below.


The LMSA national policy team created the LMSA Policy Certificate in order to:

1)    Recognize the efforts of LMSA members actively engaged in Latino health policy,

2)    Encourage LMSA members to participate in Latino health policy activities, and

3)    Foster the development of policy and leadership skills among LMSA members.


The LMSA Policy Certificate stipulations would be as follows:


1) Attend the LMSA Policy Summit in Washington, DC

Date: October 21-23rd, 2016

Location: AAMC Learning Center, 655 K Street, NW. Washington, DC 20001




2) Fulfill 2 of the bulleted points:


  • Attend the LMSA Policy Summit in it’s entirety
  • Attend 1 of the following events
    • LMSA GLAS Leadership Seminar http://lmsa.net/events/glas
    • LMSA Regional policy workshop/event
    • Actively participate in one of the LMSA Policy Caucuses (for example, this year includes the LGBT and Immigration caucuses)
    • Actively participate in one of the LMSA Policy planning subcommittees (Fundraising, Marketing, Plenary Session, Logistics and Hospitality, etc)
    • Write a resolution or contribute to a resolution as a co-author and submit to LMSA Policy Summit
    • Provide testimony to a resolution at the LMSA Policy Summit-Congress of Delegates (COD)


The LMSA Policy Certificate was designated to stimulate medical students to practice and develop crucial skills in policy, including analysis, research, writing, public speaking, presentations, and policy planning.  This will enable them to appropriately integrate Latino health inequities of quality, access, and cost with the associated political, social, and economic factors of the Hispanic patient population.  The LMSA national policy team believes that this certificate helps to address the critical need for politically responsive medical students, preparing them to become effective Latino health advocates and leaders as they move forward in their careers.  This certificate is ideal for those medical students interested in pursuing a profession involving Latino health policy, and additionally provides formal recognition of one’s accomplishments in this arena.