Immigration Caucus


Who we are:

The Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA) serves to represent, support, educate, and unify US Latino medical students on the unique health challenges faced by Latino communities. In response to the persistent marginalization of a certain subset of the Latino population, the undocumented community, LMSA medical students established this Immigration Caucus to further evaluate the needs of this particular group of individuals.


The LMSA Immigration Caucus was created with the goal of serving as a forum for student leaders to engage in current policies that are closely intertwined with disparities in health care and health outcomes faced by the undocumented subset. This caucus will serve as a source of knowledge for future Latino physicians regarding immigration issues, raising awareness of immigrant health issues specifically affecting the Latino population, and creating a social network of immigrant Latino pre-medical student, medical students, residents, physicians, and allies.


In addition, we will work with the student mentorship regional and national committees to increase awareness and support for undocumented students pursuing a medical education. Within this demographic there are a number of college graduates who are DACA eligible and wish to serve their community as physicians. Medical schools that have opened their doors to DACA-eligible students are improving minority representation within the medical profession to better reflect the demographics of diverse patient populations, a vital component in the goal of reducing disparities in health care and health outcomes. The LMSA Immigration Caucus will continue to pressure medical schools to expand admission eligibility to DACA medical students in order to meet the increasing demand for language and cultural concordance within patient-physician relationships.

Overall, we hope to provide a platform of support and advocacy for the underserved immigrant communities through the various resources and networks LMSA has to offer.