2016 LMSA Policy Summit Tentative Agenda:

Training the Next Generation of Health Professional Advocates for Latino Health

The LMSA policy team has planned a three-day conference in Washington D.C. for medical students nationwide. The goal of the policy summit is to provide you with the necessary tools to become involved in health policy processes to address and improve health disparities facing the Latino community.

Please see below for the exciting agenda the LMSA National policy team has developed for you!

Friday, Oct 21st

12:00-1:00 PM Legislative visit: Pre-visit meeting

1:00-3:30 PM Legislative visits

4:15-5:30 PM Capitol hill student rally, “Social Justice in Latino Health Care”

6:00-8:00 PM Networking event sponsored by AMA Minority affairs section      


Saturday, Oct 22nd

7:00-8:00 AM Breakfast and Registration  (Association of American Medical Colleges)

7:30-7:50 AM Welcome by National Policy Committee and AAMC Representative

8:00-8:50 AM Opening Plenary – Karen Fisher J.D., AAMC Chief Public Policy Officer

9:00-9:25 AM Public health and preventive medicine in Latino communities – Dr. Kenneth Dominguez, Center for Disease Control and Prevention

9:30-9:55 AM Social accountability in medicine – Dr. Fitzhugh Mullan, George Washington University

10:00-10:20 AM LMSA Policy in Review – LMSA National Policy Committee

10:25-10:45 AM LMSA Resolution Process and the Congress of Delegates – LMSA National Policy Committee

10:50-12:00 AM Trends in Latino Health Care: Panel Discussion on the Implications for the Latino Community

Dr. Christine Kelly, FMAHealth
Dr. Efrain Talamantes, MBA, MSHPM                                                                                                                         Marcus Garza, Legislative Aid for Representative Serrano
Dr. Choo, Baltimore Department of Health
Kathy Sykes, Environmental Protection Agency
Dr. Kenneth Dominguez, Center for Disease Control and Protection

12:00-2:00 PM Lunch and Exhibitor Fair

2:00-4:40 PM Breakout Sessions: Policy Skill Development

(Each track with four 35-minute workshops taking place at 2:00, 2:40, 3:20, and 4:00 PM)

                              Read more about each track here!

Latino Health Track

Goal: To understand how the U.S. healthcare system affects Latino health and health care delivery


  1. Discuss proposed forms of health care delivery and payment models
  2. Understand the role of federal and state regulatory/governing bodies in Latino health care
  3. Understand how social and economic barriers impact health in Latino communities

2:00 Closing the Gap on Hispanic Health Care Disparities – Kathy Sykes, U.S. Environmental Protection


2:40 Latino Health Inequities / Puerto Rico and the Medicaid Crisis – Dr. Sinsi Hernandez-Cancio, Director of Health Equity, Families USA

3:20 Outreach Strategies for the Affordable Care Act in the Latino Community – Ambar Calvillo and Maria Beltran, Enroll America

4:00 Single Payer Health Care and the Latino Perspective – Dr. Diljeet Singh, National Board Member Physicians for a National Health Program

Leadership and Academia Track    

Goal: To train medical students in leadership within health policy and academia


  1. Develop an understanding of career opportunities in academia, health policy and advocacy
  2. Understand how to use academic publications to pursue policy and advocacy initiatives
  3. Understand LMSA curricular developments in health policy 
  4. Develop professional networking and presentation skills

2:00 From Empirical Evidence to Policy: Why Health Policy Research Matters for Latino Communities – Dr. Alexander Vigo-Valentin, Office of Minority Health

2:40 The LMSA Policy Process: Training Latino Health Advocates  – Franklyn Rocha-Cabrero

3:20 Academia and Health Policy – Dr. Orlando Sola and Dr. John Paul Sanchez

4:00 Trends in National Policy for Family Medicine – Sonia Clay and Eric Storey, American Academy of Family Physicians

Health Policy Skills Track

Goal: Develop the practical skills necessary to become Latino health advocates.


  1. Be able to frame a strategy for creating grassroots advocacy movements
  2. Understand the LMSA policy development process, including resolution writing and testimony development
  3. Understand the resources represented by private and public advocacy organizations and how to direct them towards addressing disparities in Latino health care.

2:00 From Hashtags to Action: Building a Grassroots Movement in Medicine Dorothy Charles & Joniqua Ceasar, White Coats for Black Lives

2:40 The Role of the Medical Student in Policy and Advocacy – Matt Moy, AMSA Education and Advocacy Fellow

3:20 Influencing Institutional Policy  – Dr. Alejandra Cano, PGY2, UIC

4:00 Policy Development Through Resolution Writing – LMSA Policy Committee


6:00-9:00 PM Evening Social 


Sunday Oct 23rd

7:00-8:00 AM Light Breakfast (Association of American Medical Colleges)

8:00-12:00 PM LMSA Congress of Delegates

12:00 PM             Adjournment