Prospective Sponsors


Greetings Prospective Sponsor,

The Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA) is proud to announce the 2016 Policy Summit, in Washington D.C., Fall 2016. The LMSA Policy Summit provides a venue for medical student leaders around the nation to convene and share in scholastic lessons in health policy. Our organization is a student led, national nonprofit with an avid purpose to support medical students from diverse backgrounds, increase diversity in medical education, reduce Latino health inequities.

To this end, we currently seek sponsors to build the financial foundation necessary to bring the Summit and its ideals to fruition.

By supporting the training workshops for students and residents on the principles of health policy, as well as current topics in Latino health care, we can pro context to the more direct practical experiences and participation in political advocacy at the LMSA Congress of Delegates.

Host: The George Washington University School of Medicine and Association of American Medical Colleges

Date: October 21-23, 2016

Location: AAMC Learning Center, 655 K Street, NW. Washington, DC 20001

Theme: Training of the Next Generation of Health Professional Advocates for Latino Health

The LMSA Policy Summit provides an exercise in identifying disparities in Latino health care, with a focus on training the next generation of leaders in the most current and pressing Latino health policy issues, including but not limited to:

  • Effects of immigration policy on patient care
  • Intersection of health policy and academia
  • LGBT health in the Latino community,
  • Eligibility of Undocumented and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) students to enroll in US medical schools and residencies
  • Nutrition disparities in Latino communities in the US,
  • Affordable Care Act’s effects on Latinos, present and future
  • Children’s health
  • Social justice in medical education and health care
  • Leadership development within the Latino medical community

In addition, the Policy Summit is a unique opportunity for networking and mentoring with Latino physicians and advocates experienced in legislative and administrative duties. At the culmination of the Summit, student leaders in Latino health care will join to review, discuss and debate policy initiatives proposed at the LMSA Congress of Delegates (LMSA-COD).

With the generosity of our financial sponsors, we aim to provide travel scholarships, research presentations, and advocacy events at our annual event. We ask for your generosity in this effort. Our students are eager to learn and become future physician leaders within the Latino community, but they cannot succeed alone. It is necessary for us to petition sponsors who may be interested in supporting our students to participate in this exceptional educational opportunity.

Included you will find our complete proposal, which delineates the pertinent details of the LMSA Policy Summit. Feel free to evaluate our proposal and contact our conference coordinators with any questions or suggestions. Your financial assistance today will shape the medical practice of tomorrow, providing a unique and unparalleled forum for future physicians to explore all available careers in medicine at a pivotal and opportune moment in their training.

We sincerely thank you for your consideration.


Franklyn Rocha-Cabrero, LMSA VP and National Policy Chair

Orlando Sola MD, MPH, LMSA Physician Policy Chair

We are please to provide you with more information regarding the purpose and content of the conference as well as LMSA’s mission and goals. Click on any icon below to expand and read more about each section including suggested donations and exhibitor booth cost for the 3rd Annual LMSA Policy Summit. To request an Invoice for Sponsorship Fees, email


The 2016 LMSA Policy Summit will bring together Latino and non-Latino medical, public health, medical, undergraduate and high school students, in a discussion of the future of healthcare and the medical community. Our purpose is to provide the training, mentoring and practical experience necessary to create a knowledgeable and effective healthcare workforce that can advocate for Latino needs. Addressing healthcare disparities has become a common meme in American politics. By participating in the LMSA Policy Summit students will be uniquely placed to leadership roles as we begin to find solutions for disparities in Latino health care. 


As a growing underrepresented minority group, Latinos have much at stake in current and future reforms in the American health care system. To ensure that Latino communities have educated leaders prepared to advocate on a political stage, LMSA will be providing scholastic resources geared for students who have an interest in Latino health policy and health care reform. The conference includes a series of workshops that will help augment students and residents understanding of health policy. Student workshops will complement content provided for residents and physicians, and will help students network and interact with political and academic leaders.

After attending workshops, conference attendees will have the opportunity to network with leaders in Latino politics and medicine, including legislative and public health leaders. Students will be invited to the offices of select political leaders during a Capitol Hill Visit. Participants are invited to interact with legislative leaders on current topics in health policy, and to explore innovative ways of continuing to perfect health care in the United States.

With continued disparities in matriculation into medical school, as well as scarcity of Latino senior faculty positions, the Latino medical community has made it a priority to develop pipeline programs to ensure the success of Latino students at all stages of their career. Students will have the opportunity to meet residents in both formal and social mentoring environments, where information on success in medical school and beyond will be shared.

The 2016 LMSA Policy Summit will conclude with the LMSA Congress of Delegates. In an effort to develop the LMSA policy platform, the Congress of Delegates represents the culmination of a yearlong policy development process. Throughout the year students are encouraged to organize within the LMSA policy process and collaborate on policy topics that affect their daily lives. Submitted policy resolutions are debated before the LMSA Congress, and adopted through a democratic voting process. Resolutions accepted by the LMSA Congress will be codified in the LMSA policy platform, which posted on the LMSA policy website.


The Latino Medical Student Association was created through collaboration between regional Latino medical student groups, responding to the need for a centralized organization that could respond to national trends in medical education. In 1987, the union formalized into the National Network of Latin American Students (NNLAMS). As the regions became more developed, the complexity of the NNLAMS network demanded further maturation of our governing organization. Thus, national officer and board member positions were created.

National officers are responsible for the operation and direction of what is now known as LMSA. They prepare a venue for regional board members to discuss LMSA initiatives, promoting the vision of nationally unified body of students interested in Latino health and health care. In 2003, all five regional organizations were incorporated under one national name and subsequently received 501(c)(3) status establishing a non-profit, tax-exempt organization.

In 2004, NNLAMS, Inc. established an NNLAMS Alumni Board of Trustees with long-term tenure, composed of physician alumni who have been involved with NNLAMS for over ten years. With this infrastructure, we can ensure the stability, continuity, permanence and long-term vision of NNLAMS.

In 2006, a landmark year for NNLAMS, the organization held its first national conference in conjunction with the National Hispanic Medical Association. Thanks to the efforts of the national officers, board members, executive advisory council and support from Dr. Elena Rios (President & CEO of NHMA) the first national conference was a success and became an annual fixture on the LMSA calendar. The event brought in students from all over the country to reflect upon the year’s work, network with other students and health professionals, and set the pace for the future operations and vision of NNLAMS.

In an effort to unify all the Latino medical students from different regions under the same title, the name of the national organization was officially changed to LMSA in 2010 at the first independent LMSA national conference held in Chicago, Illinois at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Henceforth the five regions are referred to as LMSA Midwest, LMSA Northeast, LMSA Southeast, LMSA Southwest, and LMSA West.

Today LMSA National currently has over 2500 medical student and 7000 pre-medical student members, and 5000 physician alumni in our network.

Our programs and conferences are fundamental to the success of our organization. Every year we have a large group of students from this program who are accepted to some of the top medical schools throughout the country as well as some of the most competitive residencies. Our LMSA mentors spend countless hours advising students along the path to health professions schools, helping with courses, study strategies, reviewing resumes and university/medical school applications, conducting mock interviews, and inspiring students to serve our communities with passion.

The main goal of our Student Policy Section is to cultivate dialogue and share experiences working with underserved communities, as well as developing health policy initiatives that will help us work toward quality healthcare for all our communities.


  • To unify all Latino medical students into one organization
  • To provide a voice for underrepresented medical students
  • To actively promote recruitment and retention of Latino students at all levels
  • To educate medical students on Latino health issues
  • To advocate for the rights of Latinos in health care
  • To provide leadership opportunities for Latinos
  • To promote volunteerism in the Latino community



Train the next generation of Latino health care advocates through health policy training, mentorship, networking community/media engagement, peer and allied organizational collaborations that benefits the Latino patient community. 


  • Create a streamlined grassroots policy development process for LMSA members
  • Increase LMSA general membership participation in policy development through training and mentorship
  • Drive organizational grassroot movements and peer-reviewed publications on policy passed
  • Develop collaborative projects with external policy organizations with similar goals
  • Develop regional and national leadership structure that supports the mission and objectives of the policy committee


We ask that you support the 2016 LMSA Policy Summit with your financial generosity. Solicited funds will be exclusively used to defray student attendance cost, including travel and hotel, as well as production of conference materials to be used at the conference. Several funding packages are listed below. Incorporated into these packages are opportunities to purchase a booth at the booth fair, advertisements in the LMSA Policy Summit Conference Agenda and on the LMSA website and Journal of LMSA.

The Latino medical student association has unique access to medical students interested in Latino health care. As we work towards developing a physician workforce that can address the many needs of the growing American Latino community, we hope to find support from institutions and organizations that believe in our mission and goals. Please join us in producing the 2016 LMSA Policy Summit, held in George Washington University School of Medicine.


We welcome donations of any amount and offer the following incentives for potential sponsors interested in seeing the Latino Medical Student Association grow and meet its maximum potential. 

DIAMOND SPONSORS                                                          DONATION $11,000
  • The official name and logo of sponsor will be placed on all correspondence, advertisements, and conference materials, including front cover of conference program.
  • One-year logo placement of sponsor on the LMSA National Policy Homepage and event page with donation class. 
  • One-year logo placement of sponsor on the LMSA National homepage.
  • One year Premium website advertisement package. 
  • Sponsor will be placed on projected intro slides during breakout sessions and keynote addresses 
  • Premium Full-page ad of organization or company in the Conference program/Event application. 
  • Recognition of sponsor in conference guide. 
  • Premium Full-page ad in the 2016 edition of the Journal of LMSA. 
  • Premium Full-page ad in the 2016 edition of the LMSA/SNMA Residency Guide.
  • Premium Full-page ad in 1 edition of the quarterly LMSA National Policy Newsletter (May substitute less ad space for placement in more editions). 
  • Full-page advertisement in the Banquet program 
  • Full six-foot table for exhibition space during the Exhibition Event. 
  • Three (3) exhibitor registrations for the conference. 
  • Sponsor address at Saturday evening Gala. 
  • Six (6) complimentary tickets for gala night — includes dinner and dance. 
  • Plaque of sponsorship acknowledgement to be awarded at the Conference Gala, October 21-23, 2016 Location TBA near or in host the George Washington University College of Medicine. 
  • Access to National membership portal as a “Sponsor” & one year posting rights in the Career Center. 
  • The option to insert an item in the conference attendee’s bag (subject to size and pre-approval guidelines) 
  • The option to donate a prize for the conference raffles and be recognized as a prize donor.
  • Invitation to lead breakout workshops/speaker events throughout the conference.
  • The official name and logo of sponsor will be placed on all correspondence involving the conference, including front cover of conference program.
  • One year logo placement of sponsor on the website. 
  • Plaque of sponsorship acknowledgement to be awarded at the LMSA Congress of Delegates.
  • Full page advertisement of organization or company in the Conference program 
  • Full six-foot table for exhibition space during the Exhibition Event. 
  • One year logo placement of sponsor on the website 
  • Plaque of sponsorship acknowledgement to be awarded at the LMSA Congress of Delegates.
  • Full page advertisement will be placed in the Conference program
  • Full six-foot table for exhibition space during the Exhibition Event.
  • Six month logo placement of the sponsor on the website.
  • Full Page advertisement will be placed in the Conference program
  • Plaque of sponsorship acknowledgement to be awarded at the LMSA Congress of Delegates.
  • Half page on the abstract program for the Journal of LMSA
  • Full six-foot table for exhibition space during the Exhibition Event.
  • Six month logo placement of the sponsor on the website 
  • Half Page advertisement will be placed in the Conference program
  • Plaque of sponsorship acknowledgement to be awarded at the LMSA Congress of Delegates.
  • Half page on the abstract program for the Journal of LMSA
  • Full six-foot table for exhibition space during the Exhibition Event.
  • Three month logo placement of the sponsor on the website
  • Quarter Page advertisement will be placed in the Conference program
  • Announcement of Organization Name at the LMSA Congress of Delegates

CONFERENCE SCHOLARSHIP                                           DONATION ? $2,000 

  • One-year scholarship created and named after sponsor.
  • Covers travel, room and board for student.
  • Awarded by application process organized by the LMSA National Policy Council.
  • Quarter Page: $300
  • Half Page: $500
  • Full Page: $1000

Direct any questions to:


Early bird registration: June 1-July 31, 2016 $350

Regular registration: Aug 1-Sept 23, 2016    $500

Late registration: Sept 24-Oct 14, 2016         $650

  • Six-foot table for exhibition space for two people the day of the conference.
  • Additional personnel can be added for an added cost of $50/ person.
  • Quarter-page advertisement of organization or company will be placed in the Conference program.
  • Will receive conference brochure and gift bag.


LMSA has developed a strong, reliable and highly visible membership recognized both on the local and national levels. This accomplishment is the result of a steadily increasing number of members and volunteers who have generously donated their time and expertise to further LMSA’s mission. Today, LMSA is recognized nationally and has united with various national organizations in addressing common goals.

LMSA’s current priority is to develop a relationship with community leaders sympathetic to the medical health care needs or inner-city populations, particularly the rapidly growing Latino population.   We strongly believe the vitality of LMSA depends on active, involved memberships and development of new partnerships with a wide range of funding sources, including community leaders and associated entities.

LMSA is currently an all-volunteer organization. The policy conference is our premier event to create a strong, politically active physician workforce. All our fundraising efforts for this event will be dedicated to subsidizing the cost of travel to attend this event. Contributions from outside sources are indispensable to ensure a successful campaign.

LMSA hopes to hear from you soon and looks forward to developing a relationship with your organization. Please let us know if you are in need of a W-9 form.


Alex Diaz MD Candidate, LMSA Fundraising Subcommittee Chair-Policy Summit.

Tiffany Houston MD Candidate, LMSA National VP of Fundraising.

Arielle Rubin MD Candidate, LMSA Internal Policy Chair.

Franklyn Rocha-Cabrero MD Candidate, LMSA VP and Chair of Policy.

Orlando Sola MD, MPH, LMSA Physician Policy Chair.