Action Speak Louder


Latino Medical Student Association

FROM THE DESK OF THE Vice-President and National Chair of Policy

December 6th, 2015


Endorsement of #ActionsSpeakLouder WhiteCoat4BlackLives event


Dear LMSA members and allied organizations across the United States. Below is an official statement from the National Policy Committee of the Latino Medical Student Association:

LMSA National is pleased to officially endorse the WhiteCoats4BlackLives (WC4BL) one-year commemorative event and public action: #ActionsSpeakLouder. The event will occur on December 10th at medical schools nationwide.

The goal of this student-driven grassroots event is to exhort medical schools across the nation to live up to the promise of their stated missions of equality and service. Action is needed and the time for words has passed.  

The event specifically asks medical school to : (1) Acknowledge the diversity of the United States and in so doing, recruit, admit, and support medical school classes that are representative of our nation’s diversity (2) Ensure that all people and particularly people of color, have full access to quality medical care that is free of discrimination based on insurance status or ability to pay.

In order to achieve these tasks and end the enormous health disparities we see, we call for transformative change in medical education and the provision of healthcare in this country. Amongst other developments, we need to strengthen existing pipeline programs and make new ones, reimagine medical school curriculum in order to meaningfully address cultural competency and the social determinants of health, and build equitable and just connections with the communities that are ultimately, the basis for our training and purpose.  

Click here for a detailed outline of the action. WC4BL is also preparing a video that will clarify the goals of their organization and serve as a call to action. Click here for a detailed outline of the video and please consider submission.

The mission of Latino Medical Student Association is to unite and empower medical students through service, mentorship and education to advocate for the health of the Latino community. This event mirrors our values and we highly encourage LMSA student members and appropriate allied local, regional and national partners to promote and actively engage in this historic event. Additionally, this event is congruent with the policy in our books passed during the LMSA National Policy Summit 2015 at the National Hispanic Medical Association, Resolution 11- Increase support for research into effects of police brutality and racial profiling in the health outcomes of Latinos. (Please see resolved clauses here)

We stand united to this cause with the hashtag #LMSAOne #ActionsSpeaksLouder, as one National organization that stands up for social justice and advocates for Latino health. We look forward to your participation.


LMSA National Policy Committee 2015-16:

Franklyn Rocha-Cabrero Vice-President (VP) of Policy

Lizbeth Alvarez National Policy Intern

Arielle Rubin National Internal Policy Chair

Lobsang Marcia National Internal Policy Chair

Michelle Mendiola National External Policy Chair

Yelennia Palacios National External Policy Chair


LMSA Regional Policy Chairs:

Jessica Ocampo-Midwest

Melanie Ortiz-Northeast

Eric Estrada-Southwest

Alfonso Robles-West