Our Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA) has created a process for our policy platform to be created in an inclusive, representative process involving participation from regional leadership and individual members. Having a process for policy formation codified within the LMSA constitution is an important step in the maturation of our organization. With a codified policy formation process and a distributed policy platform, LMSA representatives will now be able to interact and collaborate with external student and professional organizations as we strive towards meeting our missions concerning Latino patient, student and physician communities.

Any LMSA member may write a resolution. A resolution starts with an idea that can help LMSA meet its stated organizational goals in a more effective or efficient manner. The first step in converting your idea into a successful resolution is to discuss your policy proposal with colleagues and regional policy leadership. After you have defined your resolution topic and actionable item upon which LMSA will act, you can start writing! A resolution template can be found online which will provide guidance as you format your resolution.

For more information on writing resolutions, please read the Resolution Writing Guide found on the drop-down menu above.