Congress of Delegates



The Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA) – Congress of Delegates is made of two representatives from each region for a total of ten delegates.  LMSA delegates will sit in review of testimony presented before the LMSA general body.  After review of a resolution, the LMSA Congress of Delegates can reach, through simple majority, two conclusions:

  1. Resolution passes by majority rule and is advanced to the LMSA national governing body for implementation.
  2. The proposed resolution is not supported by the presiding Congress of Delegates.
  3. Resolution authors who are not successful in passing their resolutions are encouraged to meet with their regional leadership and policy officers to discuss future efforts that can be taken to strengthen any specific resolution. These steps can include further editing of the resolved or where-as clauses, improved testimony given before the LMSA Congress or improved legislating amongst the regional boards that guide the decisions made by individual delegates.  If all else fails, please feel free to contact the national policy chair for further advice.

    National Vice President and Chair of Policy

    Tania Marin Saquicela –