Building Support For Your Resolution

Giving Testimony in Support of your Resolution:

  1. Building a coalition of support:  Once you have a perfected policy idea embodied in your resolution, your next job is to spread the word about your work.  Discuss with regional policy chairs and leadership on the regional and chapter level about the merits of your policy idea.  The more students, schools and regions you can gather to support your resolution, the more likely delegates will vote in your favor!
  2. Writing testimony in support of your resolution:   Testimony, both on the virtual reference committee and at the LMSA Congress of Delegates, explains the significance of your resolution, highlighting important supporting evidence and answering any questions that may arise.  Furthermore, writing testimony will allow you to display the wide coalition of support you have developed.  Not only should you write testimony yourself, you should encourage coalition members to show their support through testimony at the conference and online.
  3. Recruiting Support From Leadership:   To ensure adoption of your resolution you must ensure support from leadership at the chapter, regional and national level.  This can include national or regional officers, board members, residents or physicians and even active students in the Latino medical community.  A good way to communicate the strength of your resolution is to have a diverse group of students willing to stand in support.