Reference Committee

The reference committee is composed of regional and national policy chairs.  The committee has the duty of ensuring a smooth resolution review process and to represent the best interest of the organization as inshrined in existing policy and in the tenants upheld by the LMSA constitution.  Specific duties include:

  1. Collecting written resolutions and providing guidance in correct language and formatting.
  2. Organizing the virtual reference committee, where initial comment will be given on submitted resolutions.
  3. Providing the reference committee report
  4. Provide follow up on resolutions that are adopted by the Congress

Virtual Reference Committee

This is where your resolution will first be debated! Resolutions are posted to an online forum that allows all LMSA members to offer commentary and testimony on the proposals. Authors should use this opportunity to offer written support of their ideas, as well as to consider the perspective of their peers regarding their resolutions. The testimony provided in this forum is used by the national policy chairs to issue a preliminary report. The preliminary report is the starting point from which all resolutions are discussed at the National Conference. The preliminary policy report will be made available online for all LMSA members to peruse. Authors should be certain to read this report prior to the on-site meeting, considering the informed opinion of the LMSA policy chairs, and determining whether the report recommendation adequately addresses their concerns.

Regional boards will have the opportunity during this time period to review the resolutions and have an internal debate concerning their position on any specific resolution. How each region reviews proposed resolutions is up to the regions discretion, so be sure to be in contact with your regional policy chair to make sure you are fully informed and prepared for the regional review process.

Link to the Virtual Reference Committee: Found at the bottom of “Proposed Policy” on the menu bar.

Reaffirmation consent
The national policy chairs review all resolutions prior to the meeting to determine whether similar policy already exists for any of the resolutions. Resolutions for which policy already exists are marked for reaffirmation. Resolutions marked for reaffirmation essentially reaffirm LMSA support for the policy in question.

Reference Committee Report

The reference committee report provides a review of testimony given during the virtual reference committee.  The reference committee further has the power to provide suggested amendments to language in the resolution to best embody the spirit of the policy idea in the most precise and appropriate language.  One of five suggested actions will be provided for each resolution, which include:

  1. Adoption of resolution
  2. Adoption of resolution with amendments
  3. Referral of resolution for further research, with suggestions for further action provided to resolution authors and the national board
  4. Reaffirmation of existing LMSA policy
  5. Non-Adoption of resolution

On-Site Testimony

One of the first orders of procedure at the Congress of Delegates will be for the reference committee to read its position on all resolutions presented before the Congress.  Students attending the Congress will have the opportunity to “extract” a resolution, meaning they disagree with the recommendations of the reference committee and wish to debate the resolution before the Congress.  If the resolution is not “extracted” then the Congress will accept the reference committee’s recommendations.

Extracted resolutions have their resolved clauses presented before the Congress, and testimony is invited from the general body.  For more information on defending your resolution or giving other support please visit the “Building Support for your Resolution” page.