Resolution Submission

A. Be aware of all LMSA resolution deadlines:

If you are unable to submit your resolution and background materials and complete all required tasks on this checklist by the deadline, your resolution will be considered late and may be tabled until the next Studen Policy Section..

B. LMSA resolution checklist

This form must be completed and submitted with the resolution. The basic idea of the resolution checklist is to ensure that you have considered other alternatives for accomplishing your goal, have searched for existing policy, and have determined that your goal can be best accomplished through a resolution.

 C. Resolution peer review

  1.  All resolutions must be discussed with your chapter delegate, state hair or region chair.
  2. A rough draft of your resolution (including “Whereas” and “Resolved” clauses) should be sent to regional leadership for review before final submission. The purpose of this is to (1) solicit feedback from regional LMSA members on the strength and relevance of your resolution and (2) solicit co-authors for your resolution. Posting deadlines can be found on the LMSA Website. The posting deadline is final, and resolutions not posted to the listserv by that date will be considered as late resolutions.

D. Final Submission

A final copy of your resolution must be submitted to the reference committee by the dates listed online. These should be emailed to the national policy chairs at or