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Support LMSA by placing an advertisement in our annual journal or quarterly newsletter. The publications are created to reach Latino students across the country and contain organizational news, updates, and scholarly articles. Please see pricing sheets listed under “Support” link for details and deadlines. Also, please read about our Call For Abstracts. We offer hard copies of our publications to have available for prospective and current students to peruse when visiting your school and offices.  We ask for a small contribution of $30 per year to subscribe to our Publication Plan which includes 1 copy of the annual Journal, 1 copy of the annual Residency Guide and 2 copies per issue of the biannual Newsletter.  Electronic copies are available online at  If interested our publication package can be expanded to include additional copies of any of our publications. Please contact  for more information.

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- Vol I Issue I (Fall 05)
- Vol II Issue I (Spring 06)
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- Vol II Issue III (Fall 06)
- Vol III Issue I (Spring 07)
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- Vol IV Issue I (Fall 08)
- Vol IV Issue II (Spring 09)
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- Vol 1 Issue 1 Fall 11
- Vol I Issue 2 (Spring 12)
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- Fall 2013

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