Scholarship Chair

National Scholarship Chair

  • The scholarship chair shall be responsible for ensuring that all the LMSA National awards will be granted to deserving individuals.
  • The Scholarship chair shall lead the scholarship committee.
  • The Scholarship chair shall assist in the fundraising efforts for scholarships.
  • The Scholarship chair shall make recommendations and assist the National Board in developing new awards.

Scholarship Committee

  • The Scholarship Committee shall be comprised of no fewer than three (3) members. Scholarship Chair and two other Active Members shall be eligible to serve on this committee.
  • The members of the Scholarship Committee shall be appointed by the LMSA- National Board and serve in such capacity until their term on the LMSA-National Board expires or they are otherwise removed from the committee by the LMSA-National Board.
  • The purpose of the Scholarship Committee is to develop and assist in the administration of the Association’s scholarship programs. The Scholarship Committee shall also be responsible for evaluating scholarship applications and recommending candidates for scholarships to the LMSA-National Board.

Scholarships will be voted on by the Advisory Council made up of physicians and not members of the LMSA National or Regional boards.

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