Alumni 2017

LMSA West Board

Name Specialty and Program Future Practice Area Schools More Information

Jorge Torres


Massachusetts General Hospital
The Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Boston, MA

UCLA School of Medicine

UC Berkeley


Positions in LMSA:
UCLA: MSR and Mentorship Coordinator
LMSA-West: VP of Scholarship and Co-Director
LMSA-National: Board of Directors

I am a fan of family, friends, sports, drink and food of all kind. Taco trucks are my favorite and I play tennis with friends when I get a chance. I am also a fan of Netflix.

Bert Pineda

Family Medicine

Torrance, CA


El Camino College


Positions in LMSA:
MSR, Co-Chair, VP of Mentorship, Director-Elect and Co-Director

Enjoy the beach, camping, traveling the world and hanging out with friends and family

Fatima Reyes Ob/Gyn
San Francisco, CA
California USC School of Medicine



Positions in LMSA:
VP of Mentorship, President of Keck Chapter, VP of Conference

Susana Sandoval Family Medicine
Long Beach Memorial
Long Beach, CA
Los Angeles area USC School of Medicine



Positions in LMSA:
Vp of History, VP of Community Affairs, VP of Scholarships

My parents are from Jalisco, MX and I have a huge family. My path towards medicine wasn’t straight and narrow, I worked and gained research experience from my 4 years prior to starting medical school. I absolutely loved being a part of LMSA-West throughout my time in med school because it surrounded me with inspiring individuals and I was connected with mentors. Outside of medicine, I love to spend time with my husband and travel to Jalisco to visit family. I’ll be doing my family medicine residency in Long Beach memorial, which is in my hometown and the hospital in which I was born. I am honored to have come full circle, and plan to serve my community through leading health education programs and mentorship events with our local schools. Please reach out to me if you’re from the area and interested in working together.

LMSA Members

UCI Chapter Co-Chair

Name Specialty and Program Future Practice Area Schools More Information
Bianca Marcella Rivas Ob/Gyn

UC Irvine
Orange, CA

Southern CA
Community Hospital
UC Irvine
School of Medicine

CSU Northridge

Chapter Co-Chair of Mentorship

Family, dogs and the outdoors

Cesar Soria Family Medicine

Ventura County Medical Center
Ventura, CA

Southern California UC Davis
School of Medicine

UC Davis
Courtni Salinas Anesthesiology

University of Washington

Seattle, WA

UC San Diego
School of Medicine

UC Irvine

UCSD Chapter Co-Chair

Cristina Vargas Pediatrics

Valley Children’s Hospital
Madera, CA

Community Hospital UC Irvine

UC Berkeley

UCI Chapter Co-Chair

Danielle Cipres Ob/Gyn

Northwestern University
Chicago, IL

Unsure UCSF School of Medicine


Positions: UCSF LMSA Mentorship Co-coordinator

Interested in care for underserved, improving outcomes for minority/vulnerable populations, and increasing the number of underrepresented students pursuing medicine. I enjoy hiking, dancing, and exploring new restaurants.

Emily Tam Opthalmology

Boston University
Boston, CA

California, Bay Area UCLA school of Medicine

UC Berkeley

Positions: UCLA Mentorship Chair

Singing, painting, and traveling!

Eric Shamp Anesthesiology

Portland, OR

West Coast University of Washington School of Medicine


Southern California native. I worked in outpatient mental health doing case management for families in the Department of Children Services system before pursuing a post-bac in biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of Washington. I attended the UWSOM where I concentrated in advocacy focused on healthcare disparities within the Latinx and LGBTQ communities. Outside of medicine, I enjoy powerlifting, rollerblading and freestyle skiing.

Janelle Rodriguez Family Medicine

Los Angeles, CA

Academics CDU/UCLA Prime


Positions: Lennox Coordinator

Travel, Cooking, Cycling, Movies, Reading

Jennifer Menjivar Pediatrics

San Francisco, CA

Community clinic/ FQHC UCLA School of Medicine


UCLA Fundraising chair and Lennox Health Fair Volunteer

When I’m not serving the undeserved, I like to bike and knit, not together though.

Joel Amezquita Emergency Medicine

Kern County

Bakersfield, CA

Southern California, county setting/underserved CDU/UCLA



Classic cars, painting, surfing, drawing, biking, eating.

Karina Chavez Internal Medicine

Oakland, CA

Kaiser UC Davis School of Medicine

UC Berkeley

Finance/ Events Planner/ Women’s Circle Founder

I am a mother of an adorable, bright, and bubbly 7 yo. In my free time I enjoy writing spoken word poetry, cooking, dancing, and mentoring the next generation of premeds. I founded Women’s Circle at UC Davis chapter, to empower and increase the voices of our Latina medical students on our campus.

Kasee Houston Pediatrics

University of Washington
Seattle, WA
West Coast, undecided CDU/UCLA PRIME


CDU/UCLA Community Chair

I enjoy baking, cooking, weight lifting, and DIY projects
Krystal Jimenez Family Medicine

Scripps Mercy Hospital Chula Vista
San Diego, CA

Community teaching hospital/residency program UC Irvine PRIME-LC


Lauren Hassoun Internal Medicine

Highland Hospital
Oakland, CA

Unsure at this time UC Davis School of Medicine


Chapter Social Chair/Sacramento Latino Medical

I am a big animal and nature lover. I enjoy long distance running, traveling, salsa dancing, eating at new restaurants and trying my hand at new recipes!

Lisandra Franco Internal Medicine

UC Davis

Sacramento, CA

Northern California, most likely an academic setting UC Davis School of Medicine

UC Berkeley

UC Davis chapter-Co-chair

I was born and raised in the Bay Area by my immigrant parents (Mexico). I’m the first person in my family to attend and graduate from college. I enjoy running, cooking, gardening, reading, and mentoring pre-medical students.
Luisa F. Valenzuela Riveros Pediatrics

Palo Alto, CA

Central Valley UC Davis School of Medicine

UC Davis

SALUD Chair- UCD Chapter

Maricela Tonie Beltran Psychiatry FQHC UC Irvine PRIME LC

UC Berkeley

Mother of two toddlers. My focus is family med/mental health intersection.

Miguel Alvarez-Estrada Family Medicine

Scripps Mercy Hospital Chula Vista
San Diego, CA

Academic and Community clinics UC Irvine PRIME LC


UCI Chapter Co-chair
Omar Medina Orhopaedic Surgery

Harbor-UCLA Medical Center
Torrance, CA

UCLA School of Medicine

UC Irvine Sports, horses, food, weight lifting, Lakers, Dodgers, norteños
Rose Diaz Emergency Medicine

University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI
Avademic in Los Angeles UC Davis School of Medicine

Loyola Marymount

Mom of 3 kids. Non traditional student in my 40’s

Sabrina Owens Family Medicine

Scripps Mercy Hospital Chula Vista
San Diego, CA

San Diego, community, academic UCSD PRIME


Hiking, Salsa Dancing, Painting, Museum Exploring

Thomas Parisi Psychiatry

Loma Linda University Medical Center
Redlands, CA

Western University of Health Sciences COMP

Claremont McKenna College

Western University Chapter Chair