UC Riverside

We have several programs in place for medical students. Adelante Success Series is a program
we partake in as panelists. Another event that is geared towards high school students is “Upward
Bound”. The board members went to Clement Middle School in Redlands to talk to the AVID
students about the “Road to Medical School” and discussed the obstacles that we each have faced
and the sacrifices we have made to get to where we are. We plan to go to more schools and give
similar talks in the future.

We have a Mentor-Mentee program with the undergraduate LMSA+ Student Organization. We
partner a medical student with a LMSA+ member. We held a dinner and medical student panel
as our initial event where the mentees were able to ask the medical students questions on just
about anything. We require monthly meet-ups and are currently planning a workshop where we
can teach them vitals, and a “game day” where we will play sports – mentors vs. mentees.

We are currently planning an LMSA Conference for 2018 that we intend to hold at UC Riverside
and open to all medical students. Earlier this year we held a “Cena” where we cooked dinner and
had both medical and pre-medical students join us for a physician panel. Our panel consisted of
local, male and female doctors who serve the Latino population. We plan to hold a “Cena”
yearly, and plan to hold conferences and workshops in the future.


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