UC San Diego

We focus mostly on outreach and mentorship to undergrad students and students in the med
school application process.
LMSA-CCM Mentorship: We have a member or two regularly attend CCM meetings. We are
fostering a strong relationship with the undergrads by holding socials and collaborating on events
together like ProjectUP. In addition to this, we each have Latino undergrad mentees that we help
with pre-Med planning, medical school applications, and support in general.
URM Dinners: We partner with SNMA (Student National Medical Association) on many events,
one being the URM dinners. These are casual dinners hosted for URM students the night before
their interviews. We have members from both organizations there to answer student’s questions.
Second Look URM Dinner: We plan events for URM students during second look. Particularly,
we host a dinner with the deans and other faculty at the end of second look.