What We Do

For the last 28 years, our organization has taken an active role in representing the needs of a diverse society. LMSA was founded to increase the number of Latinos and other underrepresented students in medical schools throughout the country.

LMSA actively promotes:

  • The development of a communication network for medical, pre-medical, and health care students interested in serving the medically under-served.
  • Educational enrichment programs that facilitate and increase the recruitment of Latino medical school applicants, or students dedicated to serving under-served communities.
  • Medical, pre-medical and health care students’ interests that will lead to the improvement of healthcare for underserved communities.
  • Health policy education that affects underserved communities.
  • Collaborations with other organizations committed to the improvement of health care delivery for under-served communities.
  • The academic success and support of students dedicated to improving health care services to underserved populations.