The goal of the LMSA Mentorship program is to recruit and increase the number students entering medical school and allied health fields who have a strong interest in serving the underserved.  Each local chapter strives to provide one-on-one mentoring to pre-health professional undergraduate students from the surrounding schools.

Components of our Mentorship Program:

– Counseling/Mentoring programs that pairs pre-medical students with medical students.

– Our mentors and mentees become part of a dynamic group of Latino students that are familiar with the challenges of enrollment in college and/or medical school.

– Provide access to programs and services to assists undergrads; including the intricacies of medical school application process, curriculum planning, and interviews and MCAT preparation.

– Community service opportunities: Health fairs and Community outreach programs.

– Notification of scholarship programs, chapter meetings, annual conferences addressing issues specific to pre-medical and the Latino community at large.


For more information on how you can become a mentee, please contact your local LMSA chapter.


Please read the Mentorship Newsletter for news and events!