Legislation to Support: 

Bridge Act

  • Bridge Act (National)- This is a bipartisan bill to extend the protections currently granted to DACA recipients for an additional 3 years. While this is certainly not a solution, it is an important step to relieve at least some uncertainty. I got the chance to speak with a staffer in Senator Graham’s office (R) about the feasibility of this act passing in congress. Given that this is a bipartisan bill, we already have 51 votes. 9 more are needed. Within our region there are 2 key senators that we can focus on: Senator McCain (Arizona) and Senator Heller (Nevada). Senator Flake (Arizona) is already in support!
    • Legislative visits:  We are seeking students from Arizona or Nevada that would be willing to set up in-person legislative visits with the two Senators mentioned above. VP of Policy will be able to provide all necessary materials and can prep you over the phone.
    • Phone banking: Script provided here. You can call senators from any state, but it is especially helpful if you have a connection to the state that you are calling.
    • Letter writing: We need help writing letters to key senators- if you are interested in helping me draft a letter please email vp_policy@lmsa.net.


  • ACA- At the end of February, all house representatives will be back in their local offices. This is when we can pay them a visit to keep advocating against the repeal of the ACA! What can you do?
    • Patient stories: Stories are powerful advocacy tools,  we are seeking a student that is willing to help me collect patient stories, particularly from more conservative areas of our region: Nevada, Arizona, Central Valley CA, Orange County CA.
    • Legislative visits: Protect Our Patients is planning for a day of action at the end of February. The UCSF campus is planning on setting up visits to the house of representative offices in the central valley. We are seeking students from areas close to these offices (UC Davis) and those in Orange County (UC Irvine!) to help organize these visits.

SB 54 –  California

  • SB 54 (California)- This bill would essentially make California into a sanctuary state- prohibiting state and local law enforcement agencies, school police and security departments from using resources to investigate, interrogate, detain, or arrest persons for immigration enforcement purposes. The VP of Policy is currently working with one of the bill’s co-sponsors to ensure that there are provisions in place to make sure hospitals and clinics are also sanctuary spaces. What can you do?
    • Local phone banking: If you are from California, call your state representative or set up phone banking with your fellow classmates: http://findyourrep.legislature.ca.gov/
    • Drafting policy: If you want to be involved in the process of ensuring that medical facilities are also sanctuary spaces

Please email VP_policy@lmsa.net to get involved!

Prescription to Vote 2016

rx to vote

Only 48% of eligible Hispanic voters cast their ballots in 2012. Be the change! Join LMSA’s #PrescriptionToVote campaign by encouraging your comunidad to register & vote.


LMSA West chapters will be hosting voter registration drives in the following locations:

September 10thSan Francisco, CA- Clinica Martín Baró

September 12th, Los Angeles, CA- Clinic Location TBD

September 14thRiverside, CA- First Congregational Church of Riverside

September 18thPhoenix, AZ- Juntos Por La Salud Mobile Clinic

October 8thSacramento, CA- Clinica Tepati & Shifa Clinic

October 15thLos Angeles, CA- Lennox Health Fair @ Lennox Middle School

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LMSA West’s Policy Stance (Winter 2015):

We, the Latino Medical Students Association West Region, affirm our steadfast support for students of all immigration statuses in seeking access to medical education.  Disparities in access to health care and in quality of care are very real within our communities and we should extend medical education to members of all communities to rectify these health inequities.  Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival-eligible students have been historically excluded from higher education and are an untapped, diverse pool of applicants to medical school.  We are committed to ensuring DACA-eligible students gain entry to undergraduate medical education in the United States, are provided with adequate financial aid to pay for medical education, are supported academically and personally by undergraduate medical institutions, and are retained in the medical education system until graduation at the same rate as their peers.  We recognize that students of documentation statuses other than DACA should be included in access to equitable undergraduate medical education and narrowing this discussion to DACA-eligible students only is a limitation.  Further steps of inclusion are necessary to address health inequity in our community at the most fundamental levels.

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Greetings/Saludos LMSA West!   Your Weekly Policy Update is here! 

For Today 3/25/2014:
>> Use data to drive policy change!

The Alliance released results of the 2014 Healthy Americas Survey, a bilingual phone survey with a nationally representative sample of 846 respondents fielded from February 16th to March 2nd of this year that included questions on the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

While there has been much discussion of the importance of the Hispanic community during ACA open enrollment, for the first time with the Healthy Americas Survey we have some data about the priorities and experiences of Hispanics with ACA,” said Dr. Jane L. Delgado, President and CEO of the National Alliance for Hispanic Health (the Alliance).

-LMSA West Policy Team

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Engage in discussion!

Stay up to date on how we can advocate for our communities and make positive large-scale impact.    Questions or Suggestions? Email: vp_policy@lmsa.net

For Today 3/18/2014:
>>NIH releases comprehensive new data outlining Hispanic/Latino health and habits

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Greetings/Saludos LMSA West!

The VP and Intern of Policy will be posting weekly updates on Latino Health/Healthcare Policy!

Stay up to date on how we can advocate for our communities and make positive large-scale impact.

Questions or Suggestions? Email: vp_policy@lmsa.net

Engage in discussion!

For Today 3/10/2014:
>> California ramps up Latino outreach as healthcare deadline nears

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LMSA West’s Healthcare Stance:

We, the members of LMSA West, recognize the need for solutions to eliminate health inequities in our current healthcare system. We fully support a comprehensive, universal, and equitable healthcare system for all people regardless of their economic and migratory status as well as religious beliefs and sexual orientation. LMSA West believes in a healthcare system that advances health promotion and prevention in order to affect positive health behaviors and outcomes in our society. We are in solidarity with those who work to eliminate healthcare disparities, especially the lack of healthcare coverage that underserved communities face. We believe healthcare is a right not a privilege.


LMSA West’s Support for Single Payer:

In accordance with the Latino Medical Student Association West’s health care stance, objectives, and core values, we, the members of LMSA West hereby support implementation of a Single Payer Universal Healthcare System in the United States. We believe that the Single Payer Healthcare System is the most practical, affordable, and effective solution to achieve universal healthcare.


Want to Know How to Get Involved in Policy with LMSA West?

With the recent establishment of a resolution review process, LMSA’s goal is to develop an inclusive format where all LMSA members are able to submit their ideas and therefore be able to contribute to debates surrounding Latino health policy issues on both a regional and national level.  If you are interested in:

  • Submitting a “resolution” or proposal for a policy position that you think LMSA should support

  • Participating in the LMSA West policy subcommittee-providing support for regional and national events with a flexible level of commitment or

  • Joining a mailing list to stay apprised of LMSA West health policy issues

Then please contact vp_policy@lmsa.net for more information!