Year in Review

Beginning this Spring 2014, we will be bringing you a historical review of each year as a way to recap major accomplishments from our LMSA West Executive Board.


A message from our 2013-2014 LMSA West CEOs: 

We hope that by doing this we can have people learn about what we did as a board and leave a historical print of each year, because each year’s executive boards do great work and we may not always recall those gains that we make along the way.  In this manner, we will be able to maintain permanency via our very own website and share it with our community and everyone out there.

We thank you for your continued support, and look forward to an infinite time of LMSA West success!

Yours truly,

Cynthia Mendez-Kohlieber, Southern CEO      Uriel Castañeda, Northern CEO, Spring ’14