Accomplishments and highlights for the 2014-2015 Year:

June 2014

  • LMSA West Executive Board Leadership Retreat hosted at UCSD to start off this years theme (increase the 5%) and direction for the year.

July 2014

  • Summer LMSA West Regional Board Meeting and Premed Leadership Conference hosted by UCLA was a success attracting 80+ premedical students mostly from CA but also attracting students as far away as Seattle,  Washington.
  • LMSA West passed a budget

October 2014

  • Fall LMSA West Regional Meeting was hosted by the University of Utah School of Medicine

November 2014

  • LMSA West Executive Board Leaders attended the Garcia Leadership & Advocacy Seminar in McAllen, TX.

February 2015

  • Winter LMSA West Regional Meeting by Stanford University
  • Voted on proposals to expand travel funds for executive committee members, better planning and communication for future summer leadership conferences, and policy stances as an organization on issues pertaining to the Latino community
  • LMSA West awarded 3 Sí Se Puede scholarships and 2  Cinthya Felix scholarships

March 2014

  • LMSA West Executive Board Leaders attend the 19th Annual National Hispanic Medical Association Conference in Washington, DC, met with national LMSA leaders to build a stronger bond and spark more collaborative efforts.
  • LMSA National Policy Summit held in Washington, DC with strong LMSA West presence and representation.
  • LMSA West introduced policy stances regarding the use of respectful language regarding immigration status and LMSA National adopted a policy stance recommending use of the term “undocumented” to refer to individuals in the United States without legal immigration status.

April 2015

  • LMSA West Spring Regional Meeting and the 31th Annual LMSA West Regional Conference hosted by USC attended by over 500 students
  • LMSA West Regional Board elections held
  • LMSA West executive board members attend 10th annual LMSA National Conference held in Cleveland, OH

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