Accomplishments and highlights for the 2015-2016 Year:

April 2015

  • LMSA West Regional Conference at USC.
  • LMSA West holds 2015-2016 Board Elections.
  • LMSA West board members attend the NHMA national conference in Washington, DC.


May 2015

  • LMSA West Board transition meetings.
  • University of Washington LMSA Chapter helps train community health workers to provide health screenings at Sea Mar Community Health Center’s annual Latina Health Fair in Seattle, WA.


June 2015

  • Executive Board members attend the Garcia Leadership and Advocacy Seminar in McAllen, Texas.
  • Executive Board retreat at Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, CA.
  • LMSA West Summer Leadership Institute and Legislative Board Meeting in San Francisco, CA with speakers, panels and workshops for over 150 pre-health students from around the West region.


July 2015

  • ATSU SOMA LMSA Chapter continues their collaboration with the Kino Border Initiative, providing health care services to immigrants at the Aid Center for Deported Migrants in Arizona.
  • University of Arizona – Tucson LMSA Chapter provides mentorship and leads workshops for undergraduate students participating in the Biomedical Exploration Workshop program.


August 2015

  • OHSU LMSA Chapter members organize a workshop for fellow medical students about health challenges facing migrant farm workers and special considerations in providing health care for farmworkers.
  • UC Davis LMSA Chapter begins the Health Policy Lecture Series for medical students, focusing on underserved, immigrant and Latino/Latina health topics.


September 2015

  • UCSF LMSA Chapter members participate in a “Family First” mentoring program bringing together faculty, residents and medical students together in longitudinal groups to support and promote diversity and inclusion at UCSF.
  • USC LMSA Chapter kicks off their mentorship series “Educación Primero” visiting Eastman Avenue elementary school in East Los Angeles to teach elementary students about biology and health.
  • UCLA LMSA Chapter hosts a “Hispanic Heritage Week” lecture series including a lecture from Dr. David Hayes-Bautista about “The real history of Cinco de Mayo”.
  • LMSA West represented at the National Ethnic Physicians Organization Building Healthy Communities Summit in Riverside, CA, hearing a keynote speech from US Congressman Raul Ruíz, MD.


October 2015

  • Multiple LMSA Chapters help organize and participate in demonstrations as part of TenOne Medicare For All National Day of Action.
  • Stanford LMSA Chapter helps organize a lecture with Director of the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities, Dr. Eliseo Pérez-Stable.
  • UC Davis chapter members organized pre-health workshops at the Latino Physicians of California / Kaiser Permanente Latino Health Conference in Oakland, CA.
  • LMSA West Fall Legislative Board Meeting at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA.
  • LMSA West annual budget proposed and adopted.
  • University of Arizona – Phoenix initiated as an LMSA West member chapter.


November 2015

  • UCI LMSA Chapter hosts their annual Pre-Health Conference.
  • UCSF LMSA Chapter begins a partnership with Mission Girls providing mentorship and health education to Latina youth in San Francsico.


December 2015

  • LMSA West member chapters participate in #ActionsSpeakLouder national day of protest for racial justice, joining in calls for medical schools to admit entering classes who represent the diversity of the United States and ensure communities of color have access to academic medical centers.
  • Western University LMSA Chapter begins teaching a longitudinal course in medical Spanish for medical students.


January 2016

  • LMSA West Winter 2016 Legislative Board Meeting at the University of Arizona – Phoenix.
  • LMSA West adopts a policy stance on corporate sponsorship, reaffirming our commitment to the health of the community and not to corporations.
  • LMSA West restructures the meeting schedule to have three quarterly meetings in Fall, Winter and Spring each academic year which can be viewed HERE.


February 2016

  • UCLA/Charles Drew University LMSA Chapter conducts the Lenox Health Fair, offering comprehensive health services to local community members in Los Angeles.
  • University of Arizona – Tucson conducts free community Zumba classes in association with El Río Community Center in South Tucson.


March 2016

  • LMSA West awards the Si Se Puede scholarship
  • LMSA West awards the Janine Gonzalez scholarship
  • LMSA West awards the Cynthia Felix scholarship


April 2016

  • 32nd Annual LMSA West Regional Conference and concurrent 11th Annual LMSA National Conference at Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, CA.
  • Annual gala celebrating over 40 graduating medical student LMSA members.
  • LMSA West 2016-2017 board elections.
  • LMSA West represented at the National Hispanic Medical Association annual conference in Washington, DC.
  • LMSA West regains tax exempt status with the California Franchise Tax Board

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