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Dear LMSA Members and Friends,

These past few months of Spring have been filled with wonderful opportunities for the development of the Latino Medical Student Association. During the start of my term LMSA is working on continuing to develop more of a national presence within the medical community and this is done through the participation in discourse at various organization’s conferences.

SNMA AMECIn early April, I was invited to the Student National Medical Association’s Annual Medical Education Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. SNMA is similiar to LMSA in that it has goals in serving the underserved communities. During their conference, I was able to speak with the leaders of the American Medical Association, American Osteopathic Association, and the American Medical Student Association during the workshop entitled “Eliminating Health Disparities: Partnerships with a Purpose.” During this workshop we discussed the various ways in which our organizations can work together to better serve our communities as medical students. One of the ideas brought forth from this discussion is to use eachother’s events to incorporate our mission statement and involvement. For example, if a non-LMSA group at your medical school is thinking of an event to discuss health topics, you can encourage those around you to have an event on cultural competency or health care policies that affect the underserved or Latino communities. This way you are bringing the important values of the LMSA mission into larger arenas where more of your class is likely to participate.

Towards the end of April, medical students from around the country are invited to attend the National Hispanic Medical Association’s National Conference which is typically held each year in Washington, DC. During this conference, students are able to attend workshops and talks that concern primarily the Hispanic/Latino population and network with physicians around the country. One of the main goals of LMSA during this event is begin solidifying a way to get physicians interested in mentorship with our student body. These physicians are excited to work with LMSA and we are trying to create a system in which we can correspond and pair students up with physicians in specialities they are interested in. At the start of May I was invited to the Council of Interns and Residents National Convention in Baltimore, MD and participated in their workshops on Underserved Communities and other health care topics. It is our hope that by establishings further assocation with medical associations are membership will know there are greater opportunities are there for networking and learning.

With this goal in mind, LMSA will be launching a Membership Portal this FALL that will give students (both premed and MS) access to listserv communications (opportunities about fellowships, mentorship pipelines, and scholarships to name just a few). Our hope is not only to get students the information they need to get ahead in their academic and personal goals but have a source of direct communication with National and Regional leaders. Feel free to contact us at any time via email: contact(@)lmsa.net.

To become involved in our activities please consider signing up for a committee either by contacting a member directly using our Our Directory or signing up on the website directly to be on a committee by filling out this short online Application.

Please stay tuned to our website for the latest information on what is happening at LMSA National.

Emma Blanca Olivera
LMSA National Coordinator 2012-2013

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