Every year LMSA National has two main events:

  • Garcia Leadership and Advocacy Seminar
    In 2000 the Garcia Leadership Development Workshop was designed to cultivate and develop the leadership, organizational, and advocacy skills of recognized Latino medical student leaders from across the United States. This seminar formally addresses the lack of leadership diversity in the health care workforce by investing early in the career of Latino physician leaders. After several name changes came about what is known today as the Garcia Leadership Advocacy Seminar (G.L.A.S.). More Info »
  • National Conference
    All five regions come together for this annual conference to exchange ideas and network with leading professionals in the field of medicine and health. More Info »
  • Latino Healthcare Day
    Inspired by Cesar Chavez, we are getting our chapters together to have one national day of service by our organization. Cesar Chavez was born on March 31, 1927. While we acknowledge Cesar Chavez’s actions, more importantly LMSA wishes to honor his message of providing service to others. More Info »

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