The Latino Medical Student Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded to represent, support, educate, and unify US Latino(a) medical students. For general inquiries please email us at: contact@lmsa.net

Our network of latino(a) medical students is composed of 5 regions spanning the United States:
Midwest Region, Northeast region, Southeast region, Southwest region, West region.

Historical Summary

The network was created through collaboration between regional Latino medical student groups and the need for a central national core for unified targeted efforts. Finally, in 1987, the union formalized into the concept of NNLAMS. As the regions became more developed, the complexity of the network demanded further sophistication. Thus, national officer and board member positions were created.

The national officers are responsible for the operation and direction of NNLAMS. They provide the arena for the regional board members to make decisions and promote the vision of unified efforts among Latino medical students nationwide.

In 2000 the Garcia Leadership Development Workshop was designed to cultivate and develop the leadership, organizational, and advocacy skills of recognized Latino medical student leaders from across the United States. This seminar formally addresses the lack of leadership diversity in the health care workforce by investing early in the career of Latino physician leaders. After several name changes came about what is known today as the Garcia Leadership Advocacy Seminar (G.L.A.S.). More Info »

In 2003, all five regional organizations were incorporated under one national name and subsequently received 501(c)(3) status establishing a unified, non-profit, tax exempt organization. The midwest, southeast, and southwest organizations changed their names to NNLAMS while NBLHO (northeast) and LMSA (West) maintained their names.

In 2004, NNLAMS, Inc. established an NNLAMS Alumni Board of Trustees with long-term tenure, composed of physician alumni who have been involved with NNLAMS for over ten years. With this infrastructure, we can ensure the stability, continuity, permanence and long-term vision of NNLAMS.

2006 was a landmark year for NNLAMS as the organization held its first national conference in conjunction with the National Hispanic Medical Association (NHMA). Thanks to the efforts of the national officers, board members, executive advisory counsel and support from Dr. Elena Rios (President & CEO of NHMA) the national conference was possible. The event brought in students from all over the country and set a venue to reflect upon the years work, network with other students and health professionals, and set the pace for the future operations and vision of NNLAMS.

In an effort to unify all the Latino medical students from different regions under the same title, the name of the national organization was officially changed to LMSA in 2010 at the first independent LMSA national conference held in Chicago at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Henceforth the five region will be referred to as LMSA Northeast, LMSA Midwest, LMSA Southeast, LMSA Southwest, and LMSA West.

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