Latino Medical Student Association – Southwest (LMSA-SW), is an organization that strives to unify all Latino(a) medical students in our region (Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas) while addressing and raising awareness of health disparities pertinent to these Latino communities. We encourage unity amongst our members by fostering a spirit of “Mi Familia” through volunteer opportunities, social outlets and assistance in successfully completing a medical education. As part of our mission statement to improve cultural diversity in the field of medicine, LMSA actively recruits and retains Latino medical school applicants and encourages young minorities to pursue higher education. Through our efforts to increase the quality of healthcare for the Southwest, we hope to not only increase awareness of health disparities affecting these communities but also to advocate for the rights of Latinos through health care policy.

Our organization cares deeply about the success of all medical students, both Latinos and those with other cultural backgrounds. We realize that throughout your medical careers you will face Latino patients who need your help, and we want to help make you knowledgeable and compassionate toward these and all your patients.