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The Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA) is a national network of Latino medical students who wish to advocate for under-served communities and address the health disparities present in our country. In this spirit, the Journal of the LMSA is committed towards creating a national forum for discussion of topics relevant to the Latino medical community and the patients they serve as well as creating a venue for publishing and disseminating research to the LMSA membership. Moreover, the Journal of the LMSA allows regional LMSA chapters to share tips and advice about medical school to members outside of their jurisdiction, contributing to a support network for medical students that stretches from coast-to-coast. The Journal of the LMSA was made to supply an annual venue for discussion of topics pertinent to Latino medical students, including research abstract and publications pertaining to the patient populations that many of us will serve in the future. Furthermore, the Journal provides our membership an outlet to express themselves through editorials, columns, articles, letters to the editors, commentary, and submission of original artwork. The Journal also allows members to share their stories, experiences, memories, and upcoming opportunities with the Latino Medical Student Association. This Journal is disseminated to schools throughout the United States and read by physicians and students alike who share the desire to add their individual efforts to a national crusade with the goal of creating a healthcare system whose distribution of services bridges racial, ethnic and socioeconomic boundaries.

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